Monday, May 30, 2011

9 months

The past 2 weeks we've had my parents over to visit. It was really nice to be pampered a bit and to be able to relax and have some time of my own. It was the first time my parents met Theodor in the flesh so they were eager to watch him, play with him, feed him, dress him, change him and take him for walks. I could step back and enjoy the show. At the beginning of their stay Theodor was "crawling" backwards. Today he crawls by the book and even pulls himself up on his own 2 feet. What a progress! What a fantastic time this is, when every day feels like he is growing at the speed of light. At the same time I want to pull the emergency brake and make the time freeze so that I can feel this happy forever.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

At long last...

It's been a while since I've written here last. Not because I was lacking material, simply because there was no time. For the first time since Theodor has been born, I've had a couple of weeks where I was really tired. I was finally following the piece of advice about sleeping when the baby is sleeping. I've never said no to taking a nap in the afternoon, but these past few weeks I've napped 3-4 times a day. Barely having the energy to do anything else.
A lot has changed with the little one. He's been eating baby food for the past 2 months and last Monday was the last time he drank breast milk. The biggest change, though, took place when we finally got his furniture last Friday. His bed and closet. Beginning of the week that followed I started what I thought would be the "training to sleep on his own". I was proved wrong by my little boy who, from the very beginning, acted as though he's never slept anywhere else in his life. I think the training is something we the parents needed more than he did. I cannot explain the feeling of going to sleep in a big, empty and cold bed - despite my husband being there next to me. It felt like both Stefan and I were on a Theodor detox cure...
But I do confess that I still take him into our bed for a nap here and there...

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A very good day

Today I feel very good about myself. I feel genuinely happy and fulfilled, like I haven't in a long time. And for that I owe thanks to my little son, my bundle of joy. We've had a very nice time together. He is very sociable - we talk, I help him play with his toys, he gets excited and screams with delight. The latest thing that he really likes is when I kiss soundly his belly or his feet. He can't seem to get enough of that. It makes me laugh every time and it fills my heart with joy and overwhelming love. Another thing we enjoy doing together is to dance. We do that up in his room, while listening to the radio station "Lugna Favoriter", which plays new but mostly old, slow music. We dance slowly cheek to cheek and I turn around in order for him to get a panorama view of his room.We usually do this before he is going to take a nap. It apparently gives him the intimacy he needs to calm down, relax and sleep. So, after two songs on the radio, we go to the bed, where Fredriksson, the teddy bear, is already waiting impatiently. In goes the pacifier, I lay him on the side, he hugs the bear close to him and falls asleep. Today he even assisted me in the kitchen while I baked some ciabatta bread and made some fresh cannelloni for dinner. He was in his high chair observing what I was doing and also playing with his beloved octopus, Captain Calamari. So, when Stefan came home today at 8 pm, fresh bread was cooling down on the counter, dinner was ready, the house was neat and clean and Theodor had just fallen asleep - which allowed us to have a relaxed and quiet dinner. Now I can hear my husband talking to our little son and Theodor replying with screams of joy and I can't help smiling. He woke up just about when we had finished dinner. I feel like the perfect housewife and that oddly enough makes me deeply happy. I wish every day was like today for the rest of my life!  

Sunday, January 9, 2011

One month later

Stefan has been at home on vacation for the past month. It's been really nice to spend so much time the three of us like a family. These past few days though, I've started to get nervous at the thought of being alone again, just Theodor and me. Having the whole responsibility the whole day. But being nervous wasn't apparently enough. This afternoon, Theodor's mood changed like the coming of a sudden summer storm. He's been cranky for the past 5 hours now, testing our patience to the limit. I hope a good night's sleep (if he ever falls asleep again!!!!) is going to take care of this phase. Instead of just being nervous about tomorrow, I'm mortified. It feels like if he's going to be like this tomorrow, I'm going to shoot myself. So please, keep any weapons out of my reach! Thank you!

Another cool thing...

... is the swing that Theodor inherited from his cousins. It is made for babies who like to hop on their feet. Our son is a bit too young for that but he enjoys a lot to swing. These 2 films are made the first time he tried it. But I guess you can tell it by the size of his eyes ;-)

The first time swinging
Swinging is cool

Amazing progress

Lately, Theodor has started to want to sit up and even stand up. He is crazy about this new way of exploring his body and surroundings. Me, I just feel a little overrun. I mean, he is only a little baby, just turned 4 months but he is not even 3 months old otherwise (if he'd been born according to plan). Of course, it goes without question that both Stefan and I are very proud parents. I just hope that we are not doing anything to jeopardize his development. I will ask our midwife next week, just to make sure.

standing up!!